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  • Features
    20 years of Chameleone’s Mama Mia

    The journey: How the producer retained lyrics in broken Swahili, how the song struggled for a year, and Chameleone was demoralised,...

    Jacobs Odongo SeamanJuly 23, 2021
  • Celebrity Profiles
    Pat Shange, the star who gave the world Yvonne Chaka Chaka

    Childhood memories. The 1980s-90s afro-sporting fashionista, who succumbed to Covid-19-related complications last week, was one of the South African musicians who...

    Jacobs Odongo SeamanJuly 19, 2021
  • Features
    Unpacking Salvatore’s road to costume designing

    Dreams: Nelly Salvatore never envisioned himself as a fashion designer and yet here he is now. An environment scientist with a...

    Gloria HagumaJuly 16, 2021
  • Features
    Moments on a series set

    Many times we watch a movie, series and a music video and never imagine the effort put into making the visual...

    Edgar BatteJuly 12, 2021
  • Features
    They stared Covid-19 in the face

    SURVIVORS: The second wave of the coronavirus has hit us hard. So many people have lost their lives but also so...

    Isaac SsejjombweJuly 9, 2021
  • Features
    Jack Grafix: The man behind the camera

    Born Jackson Ndoole Jack Grafix is a videographer who has made a name and fortune in this profession. Jack Grafix is...

    Maxela MugishaJuly 7, 2021